The Kent Mobile Bar Company doesn't do things by halves, when we thought about the sort of snacks we'd like to compliment our award winning cocktails with we came up with something truly out of this world...

Working deep inside our secret flavor labs we have developed a revolution in taste and changed the way you will see popcorn forever. Gone are the half stale salty balls of disappointment you'r used to, say.... "HELLO!" to freshly popped, warm, morsels of happiness.

Dusted with a secret blend of spices, optional glitter, seasonings and ingredients sourced from far away lands. We bring a selection of incredible flavors to wow your guests with. 

Unlimited Gourmet Popcorn

Choose from:

Bloody Mary

Gin & Tonic

Dark Chocolate 

Rose & Lemon

Strawberry & Vanilla

Chipotle & Lime

Matcha Green Tea & White Chocolate

Up to 120 guests £220*

Up to 200 guests £250*

Add glitter corn for an extra 50p a head

*Popcorn station open for 4 hours

**Boring salt and sweet available upon request