Spice up your summer

With the sun shining and inspiration in the air we jumped onto the KMBC HQ bar and got creating, we hope you like this little number...


Cocktails for all events designed by the kent mobile bar company


A big part of the Kent Mobile Bar Company is based around creating fantastic cocktails from scratch for clients looking to hire a bar in Kent for their wedding reception, mobile bar for a birthday at home or work drinks bar.

We decided it would be fun to play on the history of Bombay Sapphire so this is what we did...

First we made a few edible blue jewels to garnish our cocktail, to do this we used some modeling icing and a silicon mold, popped it in the freezer then spayed it with some blue glitter.

Once our fancy garnish was finished the next thing (and most important) is what to fill our glass with, well we had a look at what flavors would work will and choose some Indian lime leaves, some Gin obviously, a little home made cardamom syrup and some coconut water. 

It is a heady mix of sweet, savory and spice... a prefect summer cooler!

If you want to make one your self here are the measures:

Indian Summer 

50ml Gin infused for 5 hours with fresh lime leaves (2 days if using dried)

20ml Cardamom Syrup

20ml Lime juice

Top with unsweetened coconut water

Shake it all up and strain over crushed ice in a nice big glass... blue jewels optional ;)

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Happy sipping